I need secure plagiarism checker

If the current course, and your earlier writing training, were taught properly, you have no need for a “plagiarism checker.” Plagiarism is the willful copying of someone else’s ideas or wording and presenting them as your own. If you have carefully made clear what you, personally, have written, versus what you have used as inspiration but was originally the thoughts of others, you have no worries. Follow the instructions you have received about indicating quoted material, cite sources as you have been instructed, and go forward with confidence. Students who worry about getting caught “plagiarizing” often face the problem because that’s exactly what they’re trying to do. If your practice thesis was written in total honesty and sincerity, and you have followed the instructions of your training properly, you have nothing to worry about.


Do plagiarism checkers search instant messengers?

No, but I know that turnitin is copying works to their database which not good to my mind. Instead You can use our plagiarism checker which is not worse then turnitin. I guess it’s even better, because it’s safier and the accuracy is higher as well as conveniency. To make the story short – this checker suits perfectly. So, I think you also should try.


Describe how a plagiarism checker may ensure positive ethical writing?

Because a plagiarism checker checks for plagiarism and plagiarizing is not ethical writing.

If the piece of writing comes clean on the checker, then you know that the writing was ethical and 100% original.


Plagiarism: What is it?

In simple terms, plagiarism is passing off the ideas and works or another as if it were your own. This is very common among students who use the internet in doing their homework. The general rule of thumb is that if something is not common knowledge, you have to site the source from where you got the information. There are different citation styles that you can use – APA, MLA, Turabian. Read the requirements of your paper carefully or ask your instructor which citation should be used.

How to avoid plagiarism?

  • Do not forget to cite your sources
  • Practice your writing skills
  • Be sure to edit and recheck your work
  • Do not procrastinate as in most cases, students plagiarize in order to submit a paper on time.